WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers

AKC tracking test evaluates the dogís natural ability to follow a scent trail. A person the dog does not know walks a trail, leaving his scent behind. The length of the trail and the type of terrain covered depend on the level of tracking competition. After a certain length of time passes (which also depends on the dog's level of experience), the dog is expected to lead its handler along the same trail and locate a glove left at the end.

Itís fascinating to watch a dog eagerly follow this (undetectable to humans) scent track across grass, pavement, gravel and dirt, emerging with the leather glove in mouth at the end of the trail.  Tracking is clearly fun and rewarding for the dogs who do it, and interesting for the human handlers as well.

The AKC offers several levels of competition and titles.
The following Wysiwyg and Baileywyc Welsh terriers have participated in tracking and/or trailing and locating:


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Trailing and Locating

An activity sponsored by the
Missouri Earthdogs at a 2003 fun day and at the Memorial Day Bash.

This event is a simulated hunting experience where the dog (off-lead) follows a scent trail through the woods to the quarry. The dog and handler work as a team with the handler giving verbal direction if needed.

A judge monitors the progress and keeps the official time. Each dog is timed beginning when the dog is released at the starting point and ending when the quarry is reached. The dog must make it to the halfway point before going to the quarry or will be disqualified. Penalty time is assessed whenever the dog exceeds ten feet from the scent trail. The handler must not touch the dog and must remain behind the dog at all times.