WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Obedience Training and Showing
Obedience classes are for every dog and owner.  Puppies over eight weeks of age can attend Puppy Training classes -- perhaps the most beneficial training a dog will ever have.  Adult dogs can attend manners classes and basic obedience, continuing on into advanced obedience classes as it gains age, control and experience.

The benefits of obedience training are many.  A puppy learns to socialize nicely with people and other dogs, and to look to its owner for direction.  An unruly older dog can become a welcome companion.  An obedient dog can work on more complex and interesting training.  A rescue dog can bond with its new owner as they train together.  A bored dog can gain something to do.

We train with
Greater Saint Louis Training Club, Inc., the oldest obedience club in the St. Louis area and the only one that is an AKC member club. Lucy has been a member since 1965 and has served in a variety of positions, including Director of Training and President. She has served regularly as a training coach and head trainer for many years. Linda has served as Club Secretary, Board Member and an assistant coach for training classes as well. They have both been involved in various capacities in the production of the clubís annual obedience trial.

Whether training with Greater St. Louis Training Club or training on our own at home, we find that positive training methods work best for Welsh terriers as well as other breeds. As with many terrier breeds, the Welsh terrier was bred to be tenacious and to try to win any conflict or confrontation, so it is best to avoid challenging a Welsh terrier directly. Welsh terriers learn best when they are interested in what is going on and especially when they are having fun.  When we refer to positive training we mean any of a variety of training methods which serve to engage the dog in fun learning activities. Harsh training methods in general, and punishment in particular, bring out the worst in Welsh terriers.

While information on obedience competition follows, we believe that the main goals of obedience training are to have fun with your dog, and to allow the dog to acquire the manners and behavior that will make it an outstanding pet.  If you want to compete in obedience, thatís fine.  But if you and the dog are having fun and making progress, thatís what really matters.  

Any AKC-registered dog may compete for
AKC obedience titles, including dogs that are spayed or neutered. Other organizations offer obedience competition as well, including the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America (MBDCA).
The following Wysiwyg and Baileywyc Welsh terriers have participated in obedience classes, have earned titles or will be competing soon:

Linda and Gwin waiting for the "long sits and downs" part of novice obedience in Louisville, KY. Gwin earned her first passing score this day as well as the WTCA-sponsored trophies for highest scoring Welsh terrier and the highest scoring Welsh terrier in the Novice B class.
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Dargen, Taly, Moose - three obedient dogs taking a break after showing at an obedience trial.