WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
WYSIWYG Litter #3
Pictures - Page 4 - Seven to Nine Weeks
SAT. Aug. 31 - Lleu's pups are seven weeks old
now. She did a wonderful job raising them, but
now she thinks that it is time to return to some
serious playing! She will return home to
Milwaukee tomorrow.
Yellow pup with Lleu left and with "uncle" Curly
on the right. Curly is Lleu's housemate.
Below, both pups following Curly.
Above: Yellow pup racing by.
Below: Lleu playing with the
And the day could not be complete until
someone (yellow pup this time) gets their
feet in the water bowl!
The day started with a puppy test for each
of them.

The puppy test was followed by a play
time in the yard with Lleu and Curly.

The playtime was followed by their first
visit to the vet. Each pup received their
first check-up, shots and each weighed 4
lbs, 9 oz!  My, how they've grown!
Since you're all wet already... might as well fill
the pool. Lleu is going to help by holding the
hose! This was the pups first time in the pool.
Ellen (Lleu's co-owner) holding the pups.
Back inside for the evening. Red
pup with brother Luke (left) and
Yellow pup with a carrot toy (above).
SAT. Sep. 7 - this day brought more visitors for
the pups. Yellow (Kip) pup's family came to
visit (above). Other human and canine friends
and Leo, a papillon (left), who watches as the
pups play in the pool. We also introduced the
pups to the down-stay exercise.

Red pup has her official call name - Tag.

SUN. Sep. 8 - The pups were introduced to
some more new friends including an Irish
terrier and a Portugese water dog!
FRI. Sept. 13 - the pups visit
Linda's yard for the first time
and play with Lark, their
ten-month-old sister and
Hogyn, their
eighteen-month-old brother.
Lark and pups shown in
these surrounding pictures.
Kip's playing with the big toy!
Welsh rabbit? rarebit? Or a rare bit o' fun?
Hogyn playing
with the pups!
Hogyn and Lark watching the wrestling pups.
becoming individuals by practicing a nap in separate crates (in several
different rooms in the house), and spending time in separate exercise

TUES. Sept. 3 - Spent their first overnight in individual crates. Woke up
and vocalized several times during the night. After allowing a few
minutes for a potty break, the pups were returned to the crate and they
settled again.

Usually, they are outside first thing in the morning, then inside for
breakfast and then outside again for another potty break. They spend
daytime in separate exercise pens with a small crate bed and
newspapers for a potty area. They spend evenings playing in the yard
and house, have a second meal while doing a bit of training - sit,
down, stand (puppy push-ups) and domination exercises.
FRI. Sep. 20 - The pups moved to Linda's
house today to practice living in a new location
with slightly different circumstances. Their daily
routine or schedule, however, remains about
the same.