WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
WYSIWYG Litter #3
Pictures - Page 3 - Five to Seven Weeks
SAT. Aug. 17 - About five weeks old and life still
revolves around food, play and sleep.
Below: Yellow pup running and sleeping on the
left, Red pup running and sleeping on the right.
Left: Red pup with Lleu.
Right: Pups with their 17-month-old brother, Hogyn.
Who got caught playing in the water bowl
this time? (Red puppy!)
WED. Aug. 21 - Lleu continues to be a great mom
and is very patient with her (sometimes rowdy)
SAT. Aug. 24 - Six weeks old! The
pups have frequent playtimes outside
and inside and continue to have new

Yellow pup pictured above, red pup
pictured right on one of their outside

Pups below visiting with
nine-month-old brother, Luke, who
now plays with them regularly.
FRI. Aug. 30 - More play time (please get
your foot out of her mouth)!

Then after the big play time, we get the
"tired" puppy look (below) - red pup on the
left, yellow pup on the right.
Red pup trotting in the yard.
WED. Aug. 28 - The pups went
for a visit to a friend's house.
They met three children,ages
7-14, "Arrow" an Australian
shepherd, "Leo" a papillon,
and "Cora" a cat! They spent
several hours playing and
were very worn out by the time
they returned home!