WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
WYSIWYG Litter #3
Pictures - Page 2 - Two to Five Weeks
WED. July 31 - The pups are beginning to
respond to sounds. They are starting to
play with each other and make little
growling noises! Both pups weigh 34
TUES. Aug. 6 - sleeping, playing and eating, that's
what life is all about for puppies at this age! This is
one of their first meals of kibble (soaked in water).
Their teeth are just beginning to break through the
gums. Both pups weigh 42 ounces.
SUN. Aug. 11 - Lucy and Linda with the two pups. The two pups were too
red/girl pup weighed 49 ounces.

They now have more opportunities to play in the kitchen.
SUN. Aug. 11 - Yellow pup's new family came to visit. The
family is holding Lleu and both pups. They plan to name him
SUN. Aug. 11 -  After their "big" playtime in
the kitchen, the pups settled down for a
nap. Later they were ready to play again.
"Can we come out and play some more?"
Or maybe a nap is a good idea after all!
TUES. Aug 13 - A couple of days late but
these are our four-week-old pictures.
The pups love to chase Lleu!
FRI. Aug. 9 - Spent time in the
kitchen for the first time out of their
whelping box. Had a wonderful time
chasing, pouncing and barking.
TUES. Aug. 13 - back teeth are starting
to come in on the top and bottom.

WED. Aug. 14 - introduced to their
nine-month-old brother, Luke for the
first time. Luke was both curious and

FRI. Aug. 16 - the pups spent time with
Luke again. Luke jumps away when the
pups approach from the rear. He has
not figured out how to play with them,
but he wants to very much!