WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
WYSIWYG Litter #3
Pictures - Page 1 - Birth to Two Weeks
SAT. July 13 - Lleu wanted to dig a den, first
under some stones, then under a tree, but we
eventually pursuaded her to come back inside
to the whelping box.
SUN. July 14 - Lleu's first pup (male - yellow
rick-rack) arrived at 4:10am. Lleu's second
pup (female - red rick-rack) arrived at
5:48am. They each weighed 8 ounces!
TUES. July 16 - What a good mom Lleu is
being! The pups are two days old and weigh
about 12 ounces each!
WED. July 17 - The pups are three days
old and still growing! Each pup weighs
about 14 ounces. Their tails were docked
and their dewclaws removed today.
SAT. July 13 - Lleu the expectant mom.
SUN. July 21 - One week old and more
than double their birth weight! Yellow pup
weighs 20 ounces, red pup weighs 19
ounces.  Their eyes are still closed and
they cannot yet hear. They had their
toenails clipped yesterday for the first time.

We also started using the  "super dog"
program - a program of early stimulation
and socialization.
WED. July 24 - Back on the scale again!
Weighing daily shows that the pups are
steadily gaining weight - both pups weigh
25 ounces tonight.

For the past couple of days they are moving
about with their bellies off the floor.
SAT. July 27 - Lleu continues to be a
pups are well fed and cared for!
MON. July 29 - Two weeks old.
Over the weekend their eyes
opened and they are toddling
around more. Yellow pup
weighs 33 ounces, red pup
weighs 32 ounces.