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Baileywyc's Dargenfyddwr, CD, TT (Dargen)

August 15, 1984 - 2000
April 1995 - eleven year old Dargen
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Dargen is the first Welsh terrier ever on record as a fifth generation obedience titleholder.

June 1, 1986 - completed her AKC Companion Dog (CD) title.

As reported in the “The Welsh Wag,” the newsletter of the Welsh Terrier Club of America, in February 1987, “...Lucy Bailey’s BAILEYWYC’S DARGENFYDDWR CD is a fifth generation Welsh obedience titlist. Her dam is Windfall’s Lady Madonna CD, daughter of Ch. Windfall Mark’s Aggrivation [CDX], daughter of Ch. Fitzwilliam’s Royal Heiress CDX, daughter of Ch. Golden Oak Jim Royal CD. I believe this is the longest line of OB Welsh Terriers in history.”

Dargen was breeder-owner-handled. She had earned a total of four points.

In 1985 at the Montgomery County Kennel Club, she was first place in the Bred-By Exhibitor Bitch class under judge Cyril Williams of Wales!

June 7, 1987 - earned the ATTS Temperament Test (TT) title.
May 1997 - Dargen at age 13 showed in the veterans class at her last obedience trial.
Dargen whelped two litters of puppies:

Baileywyc Litter #2
  Baxter  |  Taffy  |  Willie 

Baileywyc Litter #3
Ringo |  Echo  |  Jym 
My Name Explained:

Baileywyc - the original kennel name used by Lucy
Dargenfyddwr - Welsh meaning "discoverer"

I think my name may speak for itself, even as a very young puppy, I was looking to "discover" whatever I could!

My call name is Dargen.
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