WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Memorial Day Bash 2002
WYSIWYG Fun at the Bash

Missouri Earthdogs Memorial Day BASH took place on May 25-26, 2002. Eleven WYSIWYG Welsh terriers participated with the many JRTs - Jack Russell terriers and a few other terriers (including Border and Patterdale terriers).

There were opportunities for racing, go-to-ground, conformation and the ever popular Challenge Lure Course set up by
Doggie Fun Zone. In most events, we competed with the other non-JRT terriers in a class of “colored terriers and dachshunds.”

In novice go-to-ground, six-month-old Luke, Lark, Toby and Magic and 14-month-old Hogyn and Bryn tried the 10' tunnel (with one turn). No one qualified, but they got their first experience as earthdogs - just wait until next year!

Gwin, Moose, Lleu and Sky participated in the championship go-to-ground (colored terrier class) on Saturday. Sky’s time of 10:26 seconds to the rats through the 30' tunnel (with three turns) earned the Reserve Champion (2nd place) ribbon and prizes (the champion was Archie, a border terrier, with a time of 10 seconds to the rats). The times were that close! Moose earned the fifth place ribbon and Gwin earned the sixth place ribbon. Lleu did not qualify as she arrived at the rats past the one minute time allowed.
Super-go-to-ground was on Sunday. This go-to-ground adds extra challenges - false entrances, tricky u-turns, dead ends and/or sand traps, etc. Gwin, Moose and Sky participated in the colored terrier class. Sky was the only non-JRT to qualify! After quickly finding the correct tunnel, she must have gotten turned around because a few seconds later she was back out of the tunnel. After a little direction from Linda, she entered the tunnel again and arrived at the rats well within the three minutes allowed (1 minute, 18:30 seconds). This earned her the Champion (1st place) ribbon and prizes. Moose who arrived at the rats slightly over the three minutes allowed was awarded the Reserve Champion (2nd place) ribbon and prizes. Gwin entered one of the false entrances and never arrived at the rats.
In conformation Lark did the best with a third place ribbon in the puppy class of colored terriers and dachshunds. Luke, Hogyn, and three year old Lleu also participated.
The races were on Sunday. For colored terriers there was one flat race and one race over the hurdles. The straight course covers approximately 150'. Four Wysiwyg adults competed in both events. In the flat race, a border terrier outran all of us and finished first. He was followed (in order) by Moose, Hogyn, Lleu and Gwin. In the hurdles race, Lleu finished first, followed by Hogyn, Moose and Gwin. Appropriate ribbons were awarded to all.
The Doggie Fun Zone's Challenge Lure Course was once again a favorite of all the Welsh terriers. The terriers follow a lure through a course of jumps, tunnels, ramps and an A-frame. Ten Welsh terriers ran the course on Saturday: Gwin, Moose, Taly, Lleu, Sky, Bryn, Hogyn, Lark, Luke and Toby. Unfortunately, Magic had to leave before it was his turn. On Sunday, several ran the course again and speedy Luke's time of 21:52 seconds was the second fastest time of all competing puppies.

Needless to say, all of the terriers slept very well those nights - probably dreaming of next year!
Into the tunnel... Find the rats! Gwin (above), Lleu (below).
The "Super-Earth" and Gwin entering the (incorrect) tunnel.
Sky checking out her ribbon and awards (a backpack, water bowl, and "shovel" hat pin).
The judge, Stewart Frost, checks the conformation of Lark (left) and Luke (right).
Luke in the ring.
Waiting ringside. Luke and Lark (above and right). Hogyn (left and below).
Muzzles on (Hogyn), colored collars on... ready to enter the starting box. (Lleu-green, Moose-blue, Hogyn-orange, Gwin-yellow)
Archie (pink), the border terrier in the lead all the way, followed by Moose, Gwin, Hogyn and Lleu.
Gwin finished last because she preferred to take her muzzle off!
Gwin and Moose neck and neck, followed by Lleu, then Hogyn.
Lleu and Hogyn gain ground as Gwin (and Moose) begin to fuss with their muzzles.
The hurdles race.
The flat race.
Oh, oh, Moose trying to take his muzzle off!
Sky at the starting line, Moose on the course: jump, A-frame, chute and after the finish.
Challenge Lure Course 2002 description and photographs!
A BIG Thank you to L. Stair who provided the photographs included on this page.