WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Challenge Lure Course by Doggie Fun Zone
The First Leg:
1. Single PVC jump
2. Double-wide PVC jump
3. Small, higher PVC jump

followed by the Second Leg:
4. Ramp
5. Small A-frame

followed by the third leg:
6. Tunnel
7. Tunnel

followed by the fourth leg:
8. Tire jump
9. Closed chute

Left turn, then:
10. Tunnel

The Doggie Fun Zone's Challenge Lure Course is an exciting combination of a lure course and agility obstacles. The course at the Memorial Day Bash in 2002 consisted of the following:
Anticipation...Hogyn (left), Lleu (above) and Bryn (below).
Next in line...Moose
Waiting for the lure... Bryn (above), Hogyn (right) , Moose (below)
The Release... Lleu, Lark
Off to the first jumps... Moose
In between jumps and cornering at the first U-turn... Sky
Up the ramp... Sky
After the U-turn...The Second Leg begins...
Up the back of the A-frame... Hogyn, Moose
Over the top... Lark, Luke, Hogyn
Continuing on... Hogyn, Moose
The Third Leg begins after the second U-turn...
Oh! There's the lure... Bryn
I'm about to catch it... Toby
Cornering at the second U-turn... Moose
After the two tunnels and a third U-turn, the fourth leg begins...
Through the tire... Sky, Lleu
The First Leg begins as the lure is started.
Just out of the chute... Lark, Luke
(L to R) Hogyn, Bryn, Sky
(L to R) Gwin, Moose, Lleu
Sometimes you can catch the lure before the end... Moose
Otherwise get ready to make the last turn... Luke, Sky
One tunnel follows the final turn and you're finished... Moose, Toby, Hogyn
After the course, have your picture taken... and ALWAYS keep your eye on the lure!
(L to R) Moose, Sky, Lark, Hogyn
A BIG Thank you to L. Stair who provided the photographs included on this page.
The two tunnels are next... Moose, Lleu
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