WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Why We Reserve the Right to Choose a Puppy for You.

As breeders, we carefully observe every individual puppy and the litter as a group many times every day from birth to placement. We gain a very good idea of what each puppy's personality is like, and what kind of home it, as an individual, will need to become the best dog it can be.

When a prospective owner visits the litter, he or she spends an hour or so with the puppies. A puppy may be particularly small and cute, or particularly big and endearing. They will be virtually the same size as adults. One puppy may seem sweet and gentle -- but she might be a normally very active puppy who is just sleepy and quiet at that particular time. A person can feel attached to the puppy he picked up to cuddle in his lap -- but any puppy he picked up might have cuddled just as dearly. A child can feel "chosen" by the first puppy who runs over to meet him. But that puppy may become a particularly bold dog who would actually be overwhelming for a young child.

In short, you will see the puppies and form your opinions of them over a brief time; we see them in every possible circumstance, every single day and night for sixteen weeks. Individual personalities within a litter vary widely. Therefore we feel that we are best qualified to choose the appropriate puppy from a litter for you, based on your family, home life, and expectations of the adult dog your puppy will become.