WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Some of our Friends
Roy (Pyrenees-mix) - was a hiking buddy of Gwin's. They traveled many miles together!
Beauford (bullmastiff) - was Gwin's long-time friend from training classes and other activities. Was also the world's largest earthdog... too bad he couldn't fit through the tunnels!
Coco - was a canine member of Linda's extended family and an avid tennis ball and frisbee player.
Clyde - was a canine member of Linda's extended family, loves to chew up his toys and play in the water. He had fun, and dominated, the tug-of-war games with Coco, Gwin and others.
WYSIWYG Friends - Gone, but not Forgotten!
Dan - a member of the Bailey household in 1987, enjoyed playing with Welsh terrier puppies.
Thumper - taught Gryf how to be a country dog.
Charlie (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) - one of Gwin's hiking buddies.
Arrow (Australian Shepherd) - enjoys playing with WYSIWYG Welsh terrier puppies. If only he could keep them all together!
Cora - feline housemate of Arrow and Leo is pictured here with Lark.
Fifi (left) and Walt (right) - Our "big" black and tan friends! These airedales also attend training classes with us.
Leo (papillon) our friend and show dog. He lives with Arrow and Cora and participates in classes with us.