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Wysiwyg-Brialynne Ein Cariad (Brialynne)

b. November 22, 2001
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July 2002 - Eight month old Brialynne on a grooming and training visit.
My Name Explained:

Wysiwyg - the current kennel name of Lucy and Linda - also an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get"
Brialynne - a combination of her family's personal names!
ein cariad
- Welsh for "our sweetheart"

My family is calling me Brialynne or "Bree" for short!
August 2002
Brialynne (above) during a visit.
Brialynne and brother Luke getting reacquainted (below).
August 2002 - Brialynne with her family
July 2002
Bree relaxing at home...
... and in the garden
August 2002.
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The following pictures were provided by Brialynne's family!