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WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
"What You See Is What You Get"
Welcome to the home of WYSIWYG Welsh
Terriers, located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Wysiwyg Welsh Terriers are bred for:

Temperament: Whether a Wysiwyg Welsh terrier's main job is to be a show
dog or a jogging partner, it must have a good sound temperament. Every
Wysiwyg Welsh terrier used for breeding has earned a TT title from the
American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) and/or a CGC (Canine Good
Citizen) title from the
American Kennel Club (AKC). Every member of Wysiwyg's
breeding stock is also a housedog. Every puppy is home-raised, conditioned
and trained from birth to become a well-mannered pet.

Health: Only healthy individuals are chosen as Wysiwyg breeding stock. While
all dog breeds are vulnerable to some health problems, we make every attempt
to identify any that occur in Wysiwyg Welsh and to eliminate them through
selective breeding. The older generation of Wysiwyg breeding stock has lived or
is living into its middle teens.

Type: The AKC Welsh Terrier breed standard is used as Wysiwyg's guide when
breeding for type. Wysiwyg Welsh terriers are bred for natural deep color, a
coarse wiry coat, a square "cobby" body, and graceful movement with "good
reach and drive."

Versatility: Wysiwyg show dogs also participate in obedience work, earthdog
trials, and other performance events. Every dog produced by Wysiwyg is
capable of enthusiastically taking part in any terrier-appropriate dog sport or
activity available. The more their owners do with them, the happier they are!
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Activities for Fun & Competition with Your Welsh Terrier

Welsh terriers are active dogs, and love to participate in anything in which
their owners may have an interest. Over the years WYSIWYG dogs have
participated in many formal and informal activities. They are always
delighted to tag along with their people or to attend special events for

Here are some of the activities we do with our Welsh terriers:

© 2002-2021 Linda M Schulte & Lucy E Bailey, WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
GCH, Int CH Wysiwyg Sgamio Cyfrwys RN CA CGCA TKI RATI (Dodger) - June 2012
breeder-owner-handled to Best of Breed at the Great Western Terrier Association of Southern California's
annual show and the Welsh Terrier Club of Southern California specialty.
WYSIWYG sends congratulations to:
Patrick with Linda Brisbin - the first Welsh Terrier
to earn the AKC Agility Grand Champion title:
AGCH MACH6 Wysiwyg Trouble Has Arrived
Update - on April 4, 2021 earned the MACH6 title!
Bonnie Blu with Chris Baumann - the first Welsh
Terrier to earn the AKC Endurance Earthdog title
Wysiwyg Ysglefrio Yn Gwrthdro RN ME EE CA
Update - on March 27, 2021 earned Scent Work
Exterior Advanced and Scent Work Interior
Advanced titles!
Lucy and Linda are members of the following dog clubs:
WTCA - Welsh Terrier Club of America
WTCNI - Welsh Terrier Club of Northern Illinois
GTA - Gateway Terrier Association
GSLTC - Greater St. Louis Training Club, Inc.  

Linda is a member of the following club:
AWTA - American Working Terrier Association

Lucy is Certified Training Partner with the Karen Pryor Academy.

Lucy is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed
(CPDT-KA) and member of the following professional organization:
APDT - Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Lucy owns a small business,
Come Click! LLC,
and offers a variety of options for those who want
to enhance their dog training skills.